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Casa Dos Estrellas

Welcome to our paradise – our sacred space that we want to share with you and above all, preserve. Holbox (Mayan meaning: black hole) is an island located in the Yucatan channel, although the island is in the Caribbean. This beautiful island is part of a preserved area known as YUM BALAM. It is an area protected by international laws that combines tropical forests, virgin beaches, lagoons, cenotes, and rivers. The circumstance of Holbox is very interesting; on one hand, it gives the place the magical touch that islands possess, and on the other hand, it allows us to reflect on how we should interact with this precious ecosystem to ensure its preservation.

Regarding the Environment...

Plastic Waste & Water

As you can imagine, the waste that is generated on the island is difficult to remove, so we ask you to be very aware of the waste you produce. A very clear example is plastic bottles. In our property, there is potable water in large jugs that are located in the kitchen– there you can refill your personal water bottle as many times as you need to avoid buying more plastic bottles. (Note: Do not drink the water from the faucets.)

As for our home...

Septic System

Do not throw anything into the toilet that is not toilet paper. There is no sewerage on the island of Holbox and so the waste is processed in a very unconventional way; the less we flush material down the toilet the better. There are garbage cans in every restroom so that your waste remains there–– this is very important for the septic tank system with which the water is treated.

Lili and Hugo graciously work on our property; they look after the spaces and keep everything running smoothly while we are not in Holbox. They can arrange to get the best seafood and fish on the island for you, and they are also fantastic cooks. They can recommend places to eat, shop, and visit, and give you tips about whatever is happening on the island. For anything you need, all you must do is ask.


In this space that we have built together, we hope you find what you are looking for, and we wholeheartedly wish you spend unforgettable days that leave you beautiful memories. Very soon you will realize the beauty of this place and the only thing we ask of you in return is to try not to generate waste that weakens the ecosystem in which this paradise dwells; absolute regard for the island in general and our space in particular.


Welcome to Holbox.

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